PostBase mini postage meter

Small Business Series

We understand the needs of small businesses, which is why we have developed a series specifically dedicated to the stressful demands of owning and operating a small office.

Small business mail solutions

PostBase Postage Meter

Office Series

We have designed the products and solutions in this series to simplify everyday business tasks so that you spend more time focusing on the growth of your organization.
mail solutions

postbast ONE postage meterEnterprise Series

Our complete line of Enterprise Series mailroom products are designed to ensure that your large business does not need to stop just because high volumes of mail need to go out.
mailroom solutions

90 plus years in the industry

Plugged into over 230,000 mailrooms worldwide, we continue to set the standard for developing innovative, class-leading mailroom systems.
At FP we deliver more than just mailroom solutions. We deliver mailability, quality mailing with minimal error.

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