Enterprise Series

Discover our full range of product solutions for large enterprise corporations

High volume businesses and corporations are in need of high volume solutions. Our complete line of Enterprise Series mailroom products are designed to ensure that your business does not need to stop just because large volumes of mail need to go out. Each innovative product in our series provides simplicity and efficiency in otherwise complicated mailroom processes.

Postage Meters

Postage Meter

PostBase™ pro

Master your fast-paced mailroom like a pro. The PostBase Pro is the high-volume mailer’s first choice for high-efficiency results.

franking machine
PostBase pro DS

PostBase™ pro DS

You couldn’t imagine a simpler postage meter that delivers exceptional results with effortless operation. Welcome to the PostBase pro DS, where innovative design meets ease of use.

franking machine
Postage Meter

PostBase™ ONE

This ONE is big! PostBase ONE is your biggest leap toward efficient mailroom processes, and large enough to handle any mail piece that comes your way.

franking machine

Folder Inserters

Folder Inserter

FPI 5600

The FPI-5600 folder inserter makes tackling business mail a cinch. Easily feed, fold and insert documents into envelopes with the touch of a button.

folder inserters
Folder Inserter

FPI 6600-2

The FPI 6600-2 folder inserter is our top-of-the-line product, assembling mailings with superior finish in no time. High-volume mailrooms benefit from reliable output and the simplification of complex mail pieces.




This software is the ultimate tool to monitor, manage, track and reduce your postal expenditures.

remoteone Mailing Software


Our Small Business Series PostBase™ Mailing Systems come standard with this software package to enable its users to remotely control all functions of their postage meter right through their PC.

reportone Mailing Software


Upgrade your standard PostBase Mailing System software with this package to enable detailed transaction reporting and exporting.

flexmail Mailing Software


Our FlexMail software makes it easier than ever to connect to, clean and organize address data from any source and print graphically rich personalized envelopes on any printer.

flexstream Mailing software


Automate and simplify your small business work flow from pre-print to finished mail with this output management solution software.

Postage Meter software


Download your postage with this flexible technology, which allows for high-speed downloads through a connected Windows computer or through  traditional analog phone line.

Other Solutions


Desktop Folders

Our Small Business Series Desktop Folders save cost and time by automating folding paper sheets for mailing jobs.

Postal Scale


Get the most accurate weight and postage rates for your outgoing mail by utilizing our latest line of postage scales.

M1 Address Printer Mail printer

Address Printers

Whether your small office needs to print addresses, attention lines, postal barcodes, or permit indicia’s we have a line of address printers to support your needs.

ATs 12 Tabber Labeler stamper

Tabbing, Labeling & Stamping

Automate your small business mailing operations with our complete line of tabbers, labelers and stampers. The line boasts high processing speed, versatility,  and durability.

Papper Jogger

Paper Jogger 400

Place it on a small table and let it run. Our Paper Jogger 400 aligns stacks of paper and removes static electricity buildup which can cause frustrating paper jams in high end machines.

Postage Meter Furniture


Product protection at its finest. Reduce the need for service activity on our mailroom equipment with our latest line of modern mail equipment furniture solutions.

Power Line Conditioner

Power Supply

Our market leading power protection technology brings customers critical insights and control into the power environment of their key electronic equipment.