Desktop Folders

Imagine the opportunity cost of time lost from manually folding paper sheets for mailing jobs
It’s a tedious, time-consuming task, but there is an easy remedy: A folding machine from FP™ Mailing Solutions.

Desktop Folder

Discover the FP range of Desktop Folders

Desktop Folder

FP 1001

With the FP 1001, anyone can save time and eliminate tedium with automated folding at up to 140 sheets per minute.


Desktop Folder

DF 755

The DF 755 has six popular pre-programmed folds and a multitude of custom folds that offer crisp and accurate folding for a variety of applications.


Desktop Folder

DF 777

The DF 777 is built on the same platform as the DF 755, adding greater speed and electronically operated automatic job setup.


DF 915 Desktop Folder

DF 915

Let Duplo’s DF 915 Automatic Tabletop Folder take care of all your folding needs. High-speed folding up to 280 sheets per minute has never been easier.


Desktop Folder

DF 970

The DF 970 is one of the quietest and fastest tabletop folders, perfect for offices that have a regular need for paper folding.


Desktop Folder

DF 980

The DF 980 is the quietest tabletop folder in its class, making it ideal for operation in office environments.


DF 1200 Desktop Folder

DF 1200

The DF 1200 uses unique suction technology to move paper with remarkable ease and reliability.