Tabbing, Labeling and Stamping

Automate your mailing operations with time-saving labeling, tabbing, and stamping technology.

FP™’s complete selection of tabbers, labelers, and stampers are easy to use and efficient.

ATS 12 Tabber Stamper labeler

Discover the FP range of Tabbers, Labelers & Stampers

ATS 12 Tabber Stamper labeler

ATS 12

This fixed-speed, single tabber gives you all the advantages and cost savings of high-speed tabbing in one compact and economical unit.


ATS 309 Tabber Stamper labeler

ATS 309

Whether it‘s side-to-side or single tabbing, the ATS-309 tabbing machine will make your job more productive and efficient with speeds up to 25,000 pieces per hour. It also meets the newest postal regulations to ensure accuracy every time.


ATS 8900 Tabber Stamper labeler

ATS 8900

This multiple tabber/stamp affixer is the only machine available in its price range that tabs 1 to 3 tabs or stamps in-line.


ATS 9900 Tabber Stamper labeler

ATS 9900/9950

Fast and versatile, these top-of-the-line, high-end tabletop labelers/tabbers handle up to 35,000 pcs./hr. and up to three tabs in one pass.


ATS 9600 Tabber Stamper labeler

ATS 9600/9700

Unlike most tabbers in their class that can only output paper tabs, the fast and versatile ATS-9600 high-speed labeler/tabber and ATS-9700 labeler/tabber/ stamper affixer handles up to 25,000 pieces an hour on a typical tri-fold mailer.